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blogger-review-badge-200Books by O’Reilly Media have always featured prominently on my library shelf — the subject matter and their quality have always struck an accord with my interests and expectations.

My bookshelf is now obsolete; my books gathering dust. Gone are the days of trying to read a 1000 page book on the train juggling the book in one hand and holding on with the other. Now all my books are electronic — stored in my electronic collection and available to me wherever I need them on my 10.1″ tablet. The ability to do this is due to O’Reilly taking a leadership role in making their stock available in a variety of electronic DRM-free file formats — something I am particularly pleased with as less paper-based books means less trees cut down.

So when the opportunity arose for me to become involved in O’Reilly’s Reader Review Program I jumped at the opportunity. I hope that my reviews are of interest to others and help them make informed decisions on purchases from O’Reilly Media.

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