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PhotographyI have been an avid photographer for most of my life. My image collection includes photographs of plants, animals, habitats, vegetation types and broader environmental issues relevant to South-eastern Australia. Recent work also includes travel destination, public events and buildings. A sample of my work can been seen in my on-line gallery. High resolution versions of these works are available on request.

Aside from samples of my work I have also collated interesting articles on scientific and conservation photography and tutorials on the use of my favourite programs.

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O'Reilly Reader Reviews

blogger-review-badge-200Books by O'Reilly Media have always featured prominently on my library shelf -- the subject matter and their quality have always struck an accord with my interests and expectations.

My bookshelf is now obsolete; my books gathering dust. Gone are the days of trying to read a 1000 page book on the train juggling the book in one hand and holding on with the other. Now all my books are electronic -- stored in my electronic collection and available to me wherever I need them on my 10.1" tablet. The ability to do this is due to O'Reilly taking a leadership role in making their stock available in a variety of electronic DRM-free file formats -- something I am particularly pleased with as less paper-based books means less trees cut down.

So when the opportunity arose for me to become involved in O'Reilly's Reader Review Program I jumped at the opportunity. I hope that my reviews are of interest to others and help them make informed decisions on purchases from O'Reilly Media.

Simon Cropper O'Reilly Readers Review Page
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The Balanced Gut

The Balanced GutThe Balanced Gut is an on-line resource for people suffering from chronic disorders related, in part, to gut dysfunction and/or the impacts of contaminants in the food supply.

Aims and Scope: The gut is an integral part of the human body. Aside form being the main means by which essential nutrients are absorbed, it forms one of the first lines of defence against harmful chemicals and organisms.

Imbalances in the natural ecosystem of our gut; contamination of the food that is processed by our gut; unwelcome visitors to our gut that impact on our ability to absorb nutrients or fight disease; and/or misunderstandings about what is a well-balanced diet; have all been shown to contribute to a raft of diseases or disorders that have a significant impact on the quality of our lives.

These online resources aim to consolidate and demystify existing scientific research on the human gastrointestinal tract - the food it digests, the means by which it does this and the various problems caused when the gut is not working properly.

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