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Simon Cropper is an avid photographer and has been taking nature photographs for most of his life. Simon's existing collection includes images of plants, animals, habitats, vegetation types and broader environmental issues throughout South-eastern Australia. Most images are stored as slides, some as prints and the more recent images as digital files.

His work has primarily been used to illustrate all the books, reports and on-line content he has published and as such, have not been readily accessible to the public. Efforts are on the way to scan historical work and make it available as rights-managed stockphoto library so that others can access them to complement their work.

Simon is also available at competitive rates to provide photographic services to clients where the client requires royalty-free rights to images captured as part of a specific project.

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High-quality nature photography for use in blogs, websites, reports, articles and magazines. Topics include birds, insects, mammals, reptiles, spiders, conservation issues (e.g. erosion, eutrophication, fire, monitoring), landscapes, plants, etcetera.

The Botanicus Australia Photo Library was established in March 2013 to allow others to gain access to Simon's existing images on threatened species and conservation issues (stored primarily as slides) and to fill the need for high-quality photos of a variety of common and rare plants and animals that are not currently available from other sources.

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