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Eryngium ovinum Please note that this publication has ceased production
Thank you to all those people that contributed questions or participated in surveys.

Welcome to EcoRamblings©, an industry newsletter for people that are required to address or manage flora, fauna, vegetation or natural ecosystems within Australia.

My name is Simon Cropper, Principal Consultant of Botanicus Australia Pty Ltd, and I have prepared this publication with the primary objective of educating natural resource managers, developers, councils, community groups and governing agencies about key ecological issues I don't believe are being adequately addressed within the industry. It is hoped that an improved understanding of these issues will raise industry standards and result in better conservation outcomes.

Following is a list of all the previous issues of EcoRamblings© published. Click on the link following the list of contents to open the PDF file in the browser. If you want to save a copy onto your computer use the save button on the PDF Reader.

EcoRamblings©, Issue 1 (November 2006)

Issue 1 (PDF 329KB)

EcoRamblings©, Issue 2 (February 2007)

Issue 2 (PDF 368KB)

EcoRamblings©, Issue 3 (May 2007)

Issue 3 (PDF 463KB)

EcoRamblings©, Issue 4 (August 2007)

Issue 4 (PDF 991KB)

EcoRamblings©, Issue 5 (November 2007)

Issue 5 (PDF 302KB)

EcoRamblings©, Issue 6 (February 2008)

Issue 6 (PDF 824KB)

EcoRamblings©, Issue 7 (September 2008)

Issue 7 (PDF 1,581KB)

EcoRamblings©, Issue 8 (September 2009)

Issue 8 (PDF 1,451KB)